Expozitie de pictura, 2017

Expozitie de pictura/Painting exhibition, Cluj-Napoca, 2017

Expozitie de pictura: editia a II-a, 24.10.2017 la Casino- parcul central Cluj-Napoca,  sub indrumarea lect. univ. dr. Alina Staicu, voluntar la Asociatia Down din anul 2015! Ii multumim pentru tot sprijinul si pentru lucrurile minunate realizate impreuna! 🙂

The second edition of our painting exhibition at the Casino in the Central Park, Cluj-Napoca, 2017. It was made with the help and support of Alina Staicu, volunteer at our association since 2015. We thank her for all her support and for all the great things we did together! 🙂

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